Living Locally #11 Cassie Harvey and Libby Johnson, Milc

Living Locally #11 Cassie Harvey and Libby Johnson, Milc

Mothers, Infants & Lactation Consultancy (or better known as Milc) is located in the heart of East Orange. Their stylish and light-filled retail space is filled with an abundance of products for mothers-to-be as well as a beautiful range of pieces for babies.  

However, Milc offers much more than sought after products for mothers and babies, it offers an invaluable service to mothers and babies of Orange. Co-directors of Milc, Registered Nurses, Registered Midwives, Lactation Consultants and Child and Family Health Nurses, Cassie and Libby provide mothers and babies with antenatal and postnatal support as well as lactation consultancy, child development and sleep & settling.  

I had the pleasure of chatting with Cassie and Libby to discuss Milc, and how as mothers themselves, they juggle everything!

Cassie wearing Dreamer Ruffle Dress and Madi Young necklace and Libby is wearing Dreamer Stripe Dress

Milc is such an amazing resource for Mums, what inspired you to start your own business?

We worked in Sydney together and when we moved back to Orange at a similar time we realised as mums ourselves that there were limited services available for breastfeeding mums so Milc was established. Initially (2011) we offered just private lactation, but it soon evolved into private midwifery, antenatal education and now the shop. We are all about making the parental journey as easy and well supported as possible.

Were you always based in Orange? It not, where were you previously and what made you move to Orange?

We are both originally from Orange but moved away to Sydney for school, uni and work. We moved back to Orange as we had family in the area and we wanted to bring up our families in the country.  We love everything this community has to offer!

Both being nurses and midwives, what is your number one tip for new mums?

To listen to yourself and your baby, try not to over analyse things and seek help and reassurance when needed.

I know you are both busy mums yourselves, how do you manage everything?

With 8 kids between us life sure is busy and the struggle is real trying to find that perfect work-life/family balance. We just do the best we can and the good thing working with women having babies is they often understand if we can’t for example consult on a particular day because of our own mothering duties. We share the load and some weeks we do the juggle really well and some weeks we almost fall apart but hey, that’s life!

When you get a moment to yourselves, what do you like to do?

Cassie: I like to run/exercise, for me that gives me more energy and head space to then cope with work and mothering. I love to eat out with friends and family and my husband and I try to have a date night every now and then and even try to get away for a weekend once a year which is such a luxury!

Libby: I like to sit down with a good book to read and have recently found yoga to be beneficial to clear my head!

Libby is wearing Faithful the Brand Luma Shirt and The Fifth Label Crew Trench Coat and Cassie is wearing Faithful the Brand Remi Knit Sweater, Nobody Denim Power Black Cult Skinny and Mollini Satric Boats. 

What inspires your fashion style?

Timeless pieces, practicality and comfort!

How would you describe your personal style?

Cassie: I’m not sure what my style is I just wear what I know fits my body type and I’m comfortable wearing.

Libby: I like to dress in something comfortable and I don’t like to be cold!

What is your favourite label at Belle Armoire and why?

Cassie: I do love the Mollini boots I wore today and the Nobody jeans are super comfortable!

Libby: I like a few, my favourite is The Fifth Label brand as it’s easy to wear.

Cassie wearing Shilla Dreamer Ruffle Dress and Madi Young necklace and Libby is wearing Shilla Dreamer Stripe Dress

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