Rosa, we love you.

Rosa, we love you.

Spell collections have such a magical way of creating excitement and anticipation in store, and ROSA is no exception. For us, it was love at first sight. Rosa is soft, feminine, romantic and just a little bit flirty…. we know you’ll fall in love with her just as much as we have.

To help you get to know her, we got together some of our favourite gals to showcase Rosa and all her beauty.


Emma wears Spell Delirium Jumpsuit, Shilla Delicate Fringe Top and Mollini Sianc boots. Jodie wear Spell Sweet Jane Sun Dress and Spell Sweet Jane Wrap Blouse. Vanessa wears Spell Delirium Maxi Dress, Nobody Demin Fleur Jacket and Betty Basics Adventure Sneaker. Tess wears Spell Sweet Jane Play Dress and Some Days Lovin Encounter Coat. Rhiannon wears Spell Delirium Blouse and Nobody Demin Power Black Cult Skinny Jeans.

Rhiannon wears Spell Wisteria Blouse. 

Jodie wears Spell Delirium Skirt, Keepsake The Label Strange Love Knit and Mollini Satric Boots. Emma wears Spell Sweet Jane 90s Dress and Mollini Sianc boots. Rhiannon wear Spell Doe Eyed Mini Dress and White River Poncho. Tess wear Delirium Smock Mini Dress, Nobody Denim Joyful Cult Skinny Ankle Jeans.


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