Our 5 Spring fashion tips

Our 5 Spring fashion tips

1. mix it up

Mixing prints isn’t anything new but it’s definitely a trend to continue with this Spring. Think stripes, polka dots, florals and leopard.

2. wear more white

Replace black and navy with white and you’ll add a whole lot of ‘fresh’ to your outfit.

3. be body ready

The better you feel in your own skin, the better you’ll look in whatever outfit you choose. So grab yourself a spray tan and wax those pins.

4. keep it feminine

Spring is the perfect time to get your girly on. A little floral or fit and flare will do the trick nicely.

5. think pastels

Pastels are definitely on trend (really when haven’t they been?). They can be a little tricky for some complexions, so find a hue that suits you and run with it.

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