Living Locally #7 Good Eddy, Maddy Howell

Living Locally #7 Good Eddy, Maddy Howell

We are lucky enough to share a delightful space with two other businesses. One of which is Good Eddy, run by husband and wife duo Maddy and Toby Howell.

187 Lords Place was once home to one of Oranges printing businesses. It was family run from the 1930’s right up until Toby and Maddy took over in 2014. They have brought a cool, industrial, Melbourne feel to the terrace and it has become a popular spot to catch up with friends over a cup of Seven Seeds coffee or freshly squeezed juice.

Maddy is the milkshake queen at Good Eddy, so make sure you order one when you visit. Her outgoing, laid back and loving personality will have you wanting to be part of her squad. I had the pleasure of discussing work, motherhood and lifestyle with the gorgeous Mumma.

You spent many years living in Melbourne. What made you return to your hometown Orange?

As much as we loved living in Melbourne we both decided that it was time to move home and be closer to our families. We always knew that we would move back home eventually to open our own business, and after we got married and were thinking of starting a family we thought it was the perfect time to move home.

Good Eddy has a real Melbourne vibe. Did you intentionally bring any ideas or designs back to Orange?

Yes definitely. We both worked in the coffee industry in Melbourne and so our coffee style is based on Melbourne and the cafe has that clean airy feel that I think is typical of the Melbourne scene. The hospitality scene in Melbourne is super friendly and unpretentious and I hope that is how we come across too.

When you get a little down time, where would you most likely be?

When I’m with the family we are definitely home bodies, however on our Sundays off together we like to go to Groundstone Cafe and have an early breakfast and stroll around the beautiful new museum and gallery precinct, then for a stroll around cook park or the lake. We are super lucky in Orange to have such fabulous cafes and attractions. If I get the chance to have some time for myself I love to sit out on my back balcony with an alcoholic beverage reading a mag, or I do honestly love to watch a good trashy Netflix series.

Maddy wears Arnhem Kauai Midi Dress in Pearl, Betty Basic Marrakesh Cami in Blue Marle and Nobody Denim Power Black Cult Skinny Ankle

What is your favourite season in Orange?

I love that Orange has four very distinct seasons, although last year it felt like just two, Winter and Summer!!!! I would have to say Spring is my favourite though, it’s so exciting to see all the blooms come out and just making the most of the outdoors after being inside for most of the Winter.

Are you a sweet or savoury gal?

Generally I’m savoury, however in saying that I will happily smash out a delicious sweet treat from time to time.

A lot of people assume that Good Eddy is purely a coffee bar, but it actually offers so much more. If you could choose just one thing on the menu at Good Eddy what would it be?

Yes it definitely is predominantly a coffee bar but we also have a light lunch/brekky menu available. I am loving our three cheese toastie at the moment and our milkshakes have to be a crowd favourite. I’m loving the new Nutella milkshake at the moment!!!

You have one gorgeous little girl Dusty. Do you have any tips for surviving life as a working mum?

Thankyou, we think she’s pretty cute. I think the most important thing to remember is that they wont be kids forever and to not always put your business before family. We are super lucky to have both Toby and my parents living here so we have a huge amount of support. That was also another reason we chose to move back to Orange and open a shop here. I think its also important to make the time we have together great so if it means the washing starts to pile up and the vacuuming doesnt get done it actually doesnt matter………much.

Maddy wears Nobody Denim Power Black Cult Skinny Ankle,Betty Basics Manhattan V Neck Tee in Navy Blue/White Stripe, Nobody Denim Favourite Original Jacket and Dept. Of Finery Dixie White Leopard lace ups.

You’re always adding delicious treats to the menu at Good Eddy. What can we expect next?

Thanks, we are always trying to come up with new milkshake flavours. We make all our own toppings in house apart from the salted caramel, we buy it in from a local chef. So maybe we can come up with some more delicious fun flavours!! We are hoping to extend the menu soon to add a few more dishes.

Do you have a go to outfit?

I’m the queen of casual so in summer its pretty much lightweight pants and a tee and winter jeans and a jumper, pretty sad really, maybe I should glam it up a bit more.

What is your favourite label at Belle Armoire?

I’m not really into the “boho” look for myself but Bec convinced me to try on a Spell dress once and I haven’t looked back since, I think I may have a slight problem. I love The Fifth Label and Betty Basics for my every day wear as I am usually on the go and its just so easy to wear. I also love my Nobody Denim Jeans, they are the most comfortable jeans ever!!!!
Oh and I almost forgot Kester Black nail polish…….it’s the best.



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