Living Locally #6 Emma Bacon, The Union Bank & The Lord Anson

Living Locally #6 Emma Bacon, The Union Bank & The Lord Anson

The one and only Union Bank (known by locals as the UB) has always been an iconic place for people to flock to when celebrating an event or to simply enjoy a glass or two of their favourite vino. The menu provides a selection of the finest wines around the region, the atmosphere evokes a laid back vibe and you can rest assured you’ll be entertained by various local musicians.

The hard working Sydney siders Emma and Nick Bacon have been residents of Orange for just over three years. They have successfully given the UB a new lease of life by renovating and bringing an almost “city” like buzz to Orange’s first official Bank.

Located just a block behind the UB is the very new The Lord Anson.  This building has had multiple businesses come and go over the years but is now in the hands of Emma and Nick. A very cool new pub in town, think chesterfield booths, dark wood, navy panelling and a real nautical feel.

Emma, the blonde bombshell is one hard working woman and always seems to have time to check up on her patrons to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

Emma wears The Fifth Label Voyage Dress and Christian Paul Watch

You’re a city gal at heart! What inspired you start a business in the Central West?

Both Nick and I were getting a bit tired of the frenetic pace of full-time city life, so when the chance to take over the Union Bank came up, we jumped at it! It’s such a beautiful property, and opportunities like that don’t come along every day, so we packed up our lives and headed West.

Have you always worked in the hospitality industry? If so, what was your job?

I have always worked in hospitality, more specifically in the wine industry. I spent many years both in Australia and in London working in fine wine retail, then moved on to distribution, before landing my dream role as a Sommelier.

What is your favourite thing about owning a business in Orange?

Having an amazing wine region on our doorstep is a definite bonus!

 Do you rather a glass of wine or a pint of beer?

I am 100% a wine girl! Every now and then I like a cold middy after a hot day, but wine has always had my heart.

Can you see yourself living in the country for a while?

We won’t be going anywhere any time soon – we are already talking about what our next business will be out here! We are so lucky to be able to visit friends and family in the city, and then come home to our beautiful farm life in the country, where there’s less stress (and less traffic!).

You run the businesses alongside your hubby Nick. Has owning your own hospitality businesses always been a dream for you both?

It was definitely a dream for both of us, though if I’m honest I would say Nick is definitely the entrepreneurial one of the two of us! He’s ready to build an empire! I am currently also studying interior design so the expansion of our business(es) is a great creative outlet for me.

 How would you describe your style in just 3 words?

Functional, classic, sometimes eclectic (ok that’s four words, sorry)

Emma wears Faithfull The Brand Blanc Midi Dress and Mollini Josso Heel

What is your favourite magazine?

I have a serious magazine addiction that I’m trying to curb, but I would probably say RUSSH and Elle are my faves.

How do you tackle your mornings?

With a lot of caffeine. I am NOT a morning person!

What is your go to brand from Belle Armoire and why?

I’m really enjoying The Fifth Label at the moment! They do really great elevated basics that push me just far enough out of my tomboy comfort zone without going too far into the realm of “girly”.