Living Locally #3 Madeline Holborow, The Corner Store Gallery

Living Locally #3 Madeline Holborow, The Corner Store Gallery

Nestled amongst residential homes in East Orange, The Corner Store Gallery has become a vibrant and artistic hub for local and interstate artists. Situated on the corner of Autumn and Summer streets (East), the renovated shop invites the public to venture out and experience the many creative minds that exhibit their work. Exhibition’s are held on a monthly rotation and when you arrive at the Friday night openings, you are welcomed with local wines to drink and with the help of Madi’s husband Erick you can be sure to have some delicious nibbles. The gallery offers workshops to help bring out your inner creativity. Think, DIY wall hangings, weavings, granny squares and Madi’s well known tassel necklaces. If the ladies want to celebrate their hens night, then Madi can organise an event for you as well.

The Corner Store Gallery

Madeline (Madi) Holborow, is a passionate, bubbly and down to earth artist who is the backbone of the gallery. Madi being an artist and art teacher herself, brings experience and flare to her business. I had the pleasure of chatting to Madi about life, business and fashion.

Corner Store Gallery owner Madeline Holborow wears Interval Zephyr Dress and Spell Babushka Maxi Kimono.

The Corner Store Gallery is celebrating it’s 2nd Birthday (congrats!), what inspires you as a local business owner?

Thanks, very happy to still be in business!  Lately my biggest source of inspiration has been all the other artists, designers and makers I’ve met through the gallery.  I love anything handmade and especially by local people.  We have heaps of talent in this humble country region of ours and I’m here to support and promote it!

You have such an unique sense of style! What’s your go to piece?

I have this amazing coat that a friend of mine, Jzhonnie,  from Newcastle made.  She makes clothing out of recycled denim and other bits and pieces through her label Son of Lumiere.  Its a gorgeous heavy denim coat with different fabrics collected from all over the world appliquéd onto it.  It also has a piece of one of my friend’s old dresses and a recycled rabbit skin collar.  It’s so warm and heavy, its my happy place.  I get a LOT of compliments when I wear it.

You’re a busy woman, what do you do in your down time?

PFFFT what down time….  I really like to escape to Erick’s family property out in Towac Valley to walk the dogs.  There’s a lovely big spring dam there we can swim in and a view of the valley towards Orange.  It’s got Spring blossoms and bulbs everywhere at the moment and it’s very green from all the rain.

I also just love cafe hopping and crafting, I’m a bit obsessed with crochet at the moment, I can’t just sit there without keeping my hands busy.

You also make your own jewellery and other creative pieces. What’s your favourite handmade piece?

I guess the tassel necklaces are my favourite.  They are a great statement necklace and I make them in all sorts of different colours.  I make all the tassels by hand and use different stone and wooden beads.  The tassels fluff up nicely with wear and turn into more of a pompom.

Madi’s tassel necklaces now available in store at Belle Armoire

You grew up here, so you know the town well, what do you love most about Orange?

I love that it changes so quickly and is ever-evolving.  When I moved back from university five years ago there was only one place we could think of with a nice breakfast but now there are heaps! There are great places to drink, eat and shop! I love that so many young people have moved here and are opening there own businesses.  Think about Washington and Co. for example, Scotty has a seriously good thing going on there and does a bloody good job.

What are your aspirations for the gallery in the next few years?

To still be open… haha seriously though that would be amazing.  I’m trying to evolve and cater for different types of events.  I want to show not just the local community but people from outside Orange that we are not toothless hicks just because we live in the country.  You don’t have to go to Sydney or Melbourne to find great talent anymore, and I want to promote that.  I want to bring non-local artists into Orange as well, so we can benefit from outside influences.

If you had to pick, what has been your favourite exhibition or workshop so far?

Aw man that’s tough, they’re all so different.  I’m going to say “A Narrative Play” by Wollongong sculptor Kate Stehr.  She makes beautiful, hand-carved, puppet-like sculptures of characters from fables and legends.  she also made a large series of assemblage works from bits and pieces of junk she had lying around in her studio.  You should check them out on the gallery website!

Lastly, what is your favourite Belle Armoire label and why?

I do love May the Label for their awesome coats and jackets and Zimmerman have beautiful spring dresses!

Madi wears The Fifth Label The Unknown Dress and May The Label Sorted Anorak