Living Locally #10 Pip Farquharson, Photography By Pip

Living Locally #10 Pip Farquharson, Photography By Pip

We have many regulars here at The Collective – one of whom is local photographer extraordinaire, Pip Farquharson of Photography by Pip. With camera in hand, Pip creates a visual feast capturing the colours and contrasts of her surroundings, painting a picture of life and its special moments.

Pip’s love of photography certainly shows – you’ll constantly find her at various places around Orange peering keenly through her lens. She offers a variety of services including portraits, wedding and commercial photography and some of her favourite subjects include landscapes, changing seasons, food and people.

Pip’s bright and quirky personality is infectious, she has a great passion for life, her husband and two boys and is a big believer in doing what you love. I had the pleasure of catching up with Pip and discussing her life as a mum and photographer as well as the rare opportunity to get her on the other end of the lens!

Pip wears Spell Elle Boho Dress, Nobody Indulged Cult Skinny Jeans and a Christian Paul watch.

You spent some time living in Sydney, what made you move to Orange?

I grew up on a property just outside Blayney and still have close family there. My husband Jock and I both love this area and we wanted to give out children a country upbringing!

Your previous career was in the food industry, what is it that made you become a photographer?

Nothing in particular made me become a photographer, things just seemed to line up. It’s been a series of stepping stones into photography – I’ve always been interested in creative ventures, loved art history and drawing at school, love the creative side of cooking and I also really love the direct contact I have with people through being a photographer. Most of all I love seeing what I do – having the tangible end result is incredibly satisfying.

Pip wears Gioseppo Omahas Sandal

What is the biggest inspiration behind your photography?

People are my biggest inspiration, including photographers and artists that I admire.

Do you have favourite subjects to photograph?

A lot of favourites! People, food, gatherings, animals, landscapes, I especially love capturing changes in the weather – mist, snow, frost, sunrises and sunsets.

Pip wears Faithfull Le Brusc Dress and Nobody Denim Power Skinny Ankle Jeans in white

It’s great that you are working in a job you love so much! What are your other passions?

Good food and wine, people, running, walking, tennis and most importantly my boys Edward and Freddie and wonderful husband Jock – being a mother and wife is my most important job!

You’re obviously quite the foodie as well! Where are your favourite spots for a bite to eat around Orange?

Good Eddie makes a cracking egg and bacon roll! I also love the cheese and wine at Ferment.

Describe your ideal getaway

There are a few! Relaxing at Noosa Beach, cruising around Rome, Paris or New York with my camera, a chalet in the French Alps and trekking through New Zealand’s South Island.

What’s your weakness when it comes to fashion purchases?

Casual shoes, handbags, pretty dresses with lots of colour and prints.

Pip wears Arnhem Portofino Mini Dress in blue

And finally, what label do you love most at Belle Armoire?

I have two actually! Spell and Nobody Denim.

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