Living Locally #1 Monique Lovick, Tough Love Personal Training

Living Locally #1 Monique Lovick, Tough Love Personal Training

Welcome to our first Living Locally blog post where we’ll be catching up with one local business in Orange per month. Businesses that inspire us, are innovative or businesses that we think are just exceptionally cool.

First off the ranks is Tough Love Personal Training, a relatively new business to Orange, set in an uber chic studio space in the heart of town.  Run by owner and all round gorgeous gal Monique Lovick, who recently returned to Orange after living abroad. Millie from Belle Armoire sat down with her to talk fitness, lifestyle and fashion.

First of all, you have a great sense of style. Can you describe your current take on fashion?

Comfortable, staple pieces. I spend all day in my active wear, so when I go out, I like no fuss items that I feel confident in.

Monique wears Charlotte Cable Knit by Faithful The Brand, Refuge Cult Skinny by Nobody Denim and Wilder Boot by Mollini.

I know you recently lived in London and travelled extensively. What brings you back to Orange?

I love Orange. It’s home. While I miss the excitement of the London lifestyle, I knew I had wonderful opportunities for my future here. Like opening my studio!

Orange is known for its food and wine, what do you recommend?

At the moment it is rare that we don’t have a bottle of wine from Ross Hill in our house, or at least something local. Our fridge and pantry are stocked with as much local and organic food as possible. Our vegetable garden, my sister’s store A Slice of Orange and my neighbouring business The Grocer and Co. Organics keep us fed.

Now, back to the gym. It really is such a cool space. What’s your fitness philosophy?

Every time someone steps into my studio they are learning, and during this process I ask them to be kind to themselves mentally and physically. Move often, try new things and nourish your body by making simple yet substantial changes.

Tough Love Personal Training located in McNamara Lane, Orange.

Who do you hope to inspire, and who inspires you?

I hope to inspire anyone who is searching for a natural balance with movement and nutrition. At the moment, I am inspired by Shona Vertue (London based Australian Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer). I believe in a strong and lengthened body, which helps to withstand injury through movement. After having my hip reconstructed last June, I aspire to move the way she does. I also follow lots of yummy food blogs. It’s too hard to pick!

What’s your favourite workout music?

At the moment N.W.A (American hip hop circa 1986) for boxing. Old school, I know! However, I love listening to whatever my clients enjoy. One client choses Latin American music! We box, dance and salsa while training.

What’s your advice to anyone that’s fallen off the fitness bandwagon?

The hardest part is walking through the door. I will do the rest. If a client leaves feeling better then when they arrived, I have done my job. A bit sweaty is good too! If you can’t make it to the studio, a gentle walk for half an hour or so is great.

Do you have a go-to beauty trick?

I think my biggest trick is… go natural. Either no make up at all or make up that is made from natural ingredients and isn’t tested on animals!

Finally, what’s your favourite Belle Armoire label and why?

I seem to always be able to find something lovely by The Fifth Label. Simple and comfortable.

Monique wears Havoc Floating Playsuit by Zimmerman.

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