IXIAH – Meet Krystel

IXIAH – Meet Krystel

We are always searching for emerging Australian labels and when we discovered IXIAH, we knew we’d found something special. We were particularly impressed by it’s innovative design and rich textures and we knew we just had to have the label at Belle Armoire.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing creative director Krystel Davis and asked her a few questions about her label IXIAH. Here’s what she had to say.

Where did the name IXIAH come from?

IXIAH is unique, & I am a firm believer in creating a name that represents your distinct quality. This is a name that has no associated connotations and the label can become the meaning of this word, essentially allowing it to create a life of its own.

In saying that, the inspiration came from the Greek word ‘ixias’ which translates into having chameleon characteristics. I liked this as my industry is rooted in the very idea of ‘changing skins’. Through further research I came across a unique floral, ‘Ixia’ which had traits of sword-like leaves, and star-shaped flowers. I thought this befitting of my trademark whereby I often engage with a design balance of masculine / feminine shape and form. This direction inspired me and thus the title IXIAH was born.

Founder and Creative Director of IXIAH – Krystel Davis.

Who is your all time favourite fashion icon?

I cannot pick one person in particular who would be a favourite fashion icon. I don’t aspire to be like others really. The only person that comes to mind is stylist, Emmanuel Alt. Her talent is aspiring and ground breaking.

In your opinion, what’s the best piece you’ve designed to date?

It would have to be the Xara Fringe Dress. This crochet style is a handmade masterpiece. To be able to draw this style and give this to be made and for it to be perfectly crafted is usually something that does not happen. This style is hand threaded and all details are intricate with all threads being different in each element of the design. Its truly invigorating to have an idea and to see it to come to life.

Xara Fringe Dress by IXIAH

What fabric or textile do you most like to work with?

I am always drawn to textures. Whether it is an embroidered texture, a mesh or a knit they can inspire ideas, emotions and further detailing through a collection. I pride IXIAH on the gilded tapestries that constantly feature throughout.

What will be the staple that you’ll live in this Winter?

The Opiate Sequin Jacket. Made from a brass vintage inspired sequin this jacket is perfect for dressing up any outfit in the Winter Months. With a strong Lapel and curved back the jacket sits open and perfectly on the body it is definitely one of my absolutely favourite pieces.

Opiate Sequin Jacket by IXIAH.

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