Fashion Abroad – London Vs. Paris

Fashion Abroad – London Vs. Paris

I packed my bags ‘Ooh what outfits to pack?’ followed closely by ‘kill me now’ after checking the flight duration on my itinerary.

Despite the 24-hour flight ahead, I was completely excited. The excuse for traveling to Europe was a wedding in London but the true passion behind the excitement was the opportunity to see what people were wearing on the other side of the world. And by people I mean, people like me; people who love fashion but pretty much only have a budget for one high-end designer piece every 5 years, if that.

So off I trotted in my MLM Ziggy Dress, SPELL leopard scarf and SENSO boots searching for all things fashion in two of the most fashionable cities in the world – London and Paris. Here’s a quick insight into what I found.

London was a sea of neon; people were covered in it from head to foot. Trainers were the shoe of the season with neon being the main feature – the brighter the better really.
And the hair! Well that was all about the COLOUR as well and lots of it, from pinks to greens and every colour in between. I could appreciate all the neon and don’t mind it myself in moderation, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea (pun intended). Maybe all this brightness was to help compensate for their gloomy weather? Who knows?

Paris on the other hand was right up my alley. The effortless chic around every corner was truly inspiring. It was as if these women jumped straight out of bed, threw something on and still managed to look as though they’d just stepped out of a Chanel advertisement.
I have no doubt that ankle boots and heels fill the Parisian’s wardrobes and I’m sure they don’t just sit in there all lonely never to be worn – they are their staple. I almost wet my pants with excitement when I saw that leopard print was still such a huge trend. It’s one of those trends that I’ve invested in and am completely obsessed with so to see it still wrapped around people’s necks, hanging on their shoulders and draped around their waists made me think that maybe us Aussies aren’t as slow to catch on to trends as people often assume.

Fashion on the other side of the globe was amazing to see and drool over but to be honest; it made me realise that we really are blessed to have great affordable fashion right at our own doorstep and that’s what I’ll be wearing over the coming seasons: Great fashionable pieces, at reasonable prices, by Australian designers.