Belle Armoire Star Players – Rebecca (Bec) Hammond

Belle Armoire Star Players – Rebecca (Bec) Hammond

Bec Hammond is one of the leading ladies who own and run Belle Armoire. She has worked in the fashion industry for a number of years now and knows whats up in the world of fashion. With her fabulous styling techniques you won’t be disappointed when you visit in store on a day that she’s in.

The gorgeous mum of two is a busy bee and has a heart of gold. When you meet Bec you’re left smiling from ear to ear from her beautiful nature and gracious attitude. Growing up in a large Italian family, it is important that being surrounded by her loving clan is a must. She shares ownership of the boutique with her sister in law Kimberly.

I got chatting to the stunning Bec about life, business and fashion.

How did you and Kim come up with the name Belle Armoire?

Kimberly spent 12 months living in Nice, France so we were inspired with the french language and named our boutique Belle Armoire which translates to beautiful wardrobe.

How do you manage being a business owner and a mum of two?

It can be busy at times but with the dream team of my husband James and my mum Marisa we manage to juggle the kiddlets with my working days. You just have to make full use of your time. Many of times I’m sending an email or on the phone with a baby on my hip and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What drew you to work in retail?

I simply love people. The greatest satisfaction is having a customer walk out of our boutique feeling fabulous and great about themselves.

Sharing a space with Good Eddy must be tough. How many coffees would you drink in a day?

Seriously tough! Geez, I don’t know why we didn’t move earlier. Coffee on tap and made by Toby or Maddi is one of the perks of being at 187 Lords. If you ask Toby, I officially don’t drink full cups as a portion of my coffee doesn’t get consumed as I hit the floor full steam ahead when I enter the door. It’s limited time as a working mummy, you have to cram five days of work into two. I typically could consume at least one or two “half” cups more throughout the day.

I bet your wardrobe is overflowing with amazing pieces from over the years. What is your all time favourite piece?

Yes, my wardrobe is constantly updated with gorgeous Belle Armoire pieces….lucky girl I know. MMMM….tough question as I have so many favs but I’d have to say a simple black number from May the Label as it’s the easiest top to wear with anything. I even wore it through both pregnancy and I’m STILL not sick of it. It’s a piece that will never make the vinnies pile.

You have such an eye for putting together the perfect outfit. Give us 3 tips on making an outfit work.

Oh thanks. I try my best. Lol

  • Find a cut that suits you. Never try to make something work if it’s just not.
  • Perhaps try something that in theory should not work but does. A personal favourite of mine is mixing prints or patterns. A bit of leopard mixed with a print never hurts.
  • It’s ALL about dressing for your shape!

Do you have a fashion icon?

I would have to say the cute girl walking toward me in the street. I’m a bit of a people watcher and love seeing a stranger in the street and think geez she’s nailed that outfit. Also my friends and family. I love catching up with my ever so fashionable girlfriends and family members and seeing how they put together their getup.

What do you love about your business partner/sister in law?

Kimberly is the most creative person I have ever met and also if I don’t have an answer for something she definitely does. She never ceases to amaze me with how many things she can juggle in life and smashes it while doing them all. You could simply say she is nailing life really. I admire her so very much.

Where do you think fashion is heading next? Can you predict any trends that will make a comeback?

Well I can honestly say that I know what WONT make a comeback. The 80’s were so tragic weren’t they. However in saying that I’ve had so many ladies in store of late that were from the 70’s and they can’t believe the inspiration from their era. So I guess anything is possible. One thing I really hope for the up and coming trend/s is that fashion stays feminine and floaty. It’s just so flattering on a woman’s figure.

What’s your all time favourite label at Belle Armoire?

Yep, you probably can guess this answer but it has to be Spell. It never disappoints on their prints and shapes. You can wear it anywhere and anytime. Every collection we view we think wow they have done it again! It definitely makes quite an appearance in my wardrobe at home.