Belle Armoire Star Players – Kimberly Belmonte

Belle Armoire Star Players – Kimberly Belmonte

Kimberly Belmonte is the other leading lady of Belle Armoire. After a short stint living in Europe, Kim approached her sister in law Bec to open a clothing boutique in Orange. Bec was in and a few months later, after a lot of planning, Belle Armoire was born! Almost six years on and Kim now leads a busy lifestyle running the business alongside Bec, studying to be a registered nurse and running around with her three gorgeous kids and taking some pretty sweet photos of her lovely little family. Her work ethic is impeccable, she strives to make sure everything is running smoothly and everyone is happy plus she always looks absolutely amazing!

I had the chance to have a little chat with the busy woman about life, business and fashion.

Kim wears May The Label Roberta Dress

What do you love about co-owning a fashion boutique in Orange?

We have amazing local customers and that’s the beauty of having our boutique here.  I love that they get just as excited as us when new collections arrive and that even though fashion is now so readily available online, they still support their local boutique. Without this local support we wouldn’t be here.

You share the business with your sister in-law. Does it make it easier being so close to your business partner?

I feel like it’s been very easy working together over the years. We have similar taste in fashion and a common vision for the business. We see each other often so it’s easy to have a quick business meeting while we’re wrangling the kids, cooking dinner or changing nappies. Whilst on the surface we may seem like quite similar people we’re very different and I think that diversity works well for the business as we both bring our own unique strengths.

You’re also Belle Armoire’s photographer! What sort of camera do you use and what makes a good photo?

Oh that’s so sweet, I definitely don’t deserve that title but I do enjoy taking lots of photos for Belle Armoire. I use my Iphone for a lot of photos but if we’re doing a specific photo shoot then I turn to my Fujifilm. It’s a digital camera but looks super old school, which I love. It doesn’t have zoom and I just use the automatic settings so yeah I’m definitely no photographer. To me lighting is the key ingredient to any great photo and I guess having an eye to capture a lovely moment doesn’t hurt.

Kim wears Interval Elias Trench

Being in the new location is great. Did you ever think you were going to move the shop from it’s previous spot?

We loved our old space, however it was very small and wasn’t an ideal layout. Bec and I realised we had outgrown that space so when the opportunity arose to move in with Good Eddy just down the road, we jumped at it and haven’t looked back.

How would you describe your style?

I’m drawn to anything that is floaty and feminine. I love printed, colourful and easy wear pieces and am a huge fan of lace. But to be honest, being a mum of three means that some days my morning styling involves quickly grabbing anything that’s clean and not in the washing pile, before racing out the door.

If you have a look at your Instagram, it’s like a story of your wonderful life. Family, fashion, friends and food! Do you mind sharing your life on social media?

I absolutely love Instagram, I guess mainly because I love taking photos. I feel like it’s a bit of a creative outlet and a great way to keep a record of the year that has been, because holy moly they just fly on by! And by record I mean all the lovely things that go on in my wonderful life during the year.  While social media can be a little skewed as we don’t tend to share our crappier days or the not so glorious moments, to me, the moments that I do share are the ones that I want to remember. I think the important thing to realise when viewing anyones social media page is that no matter how perfect someones life may seem it’s never all roses, so try not to compare or compete and just enjoy the fabulous moments that do exist in your own.  My life, like everyone else’s, isn’t picture perfect all of the time, but it certainly does have loads of particularly excellent moments that I like to capture, share and reflect back on.

Kim wears May The Label Roberta Dress, Nobody Tone Cult Skinny Ankle and Mollini Bird boot

Describe Belle Armoire in 3 words.

Oh that’s so hard, it totally depends on the context. I’d say Belle Armoire herself is FRIENDLY. APPROACHABLE and DOWN-TO-EARTH and her style is FEMININE, FLOATY, and COMFORTABLE.

Not only co-owning the boutique, you are also studying to become a Registered Nurse and are a mum of three. How do you juggle everything?

Yes life is certainly busy, but I absolutely love it! I’m not really one to just sit down and do nothing at all, it actually makes me feel a little uneasy, and so I use every minute possible to squeeze something in. I love being busy doing the things that I love and I am forever the optimist. Making it all work takes a lot of patience, dedication and late nights!

Is there a particular label from the shop, which continues to end up in your wardrobe?

No surprises, it’s Spell…followed closely by The Fifth Label. I fall in love with every single Spell collection and The Fifth Label I love for their basics and easy wear pieces.

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