Belle Armoire Star Players – Kelsey (Kels) Dean

Belle Armoire Star Players – Kelsey (Kels) Dean

Meet Kelsey (Kels) Dean! She is our most recent Belle Armoire gal and has now been with us for four months. Kels is an all round gorgeous chick who brings a great attitude when she walks in store. Her smile is contagious and she definitely knows how to help you out when you are in need of an outfit upgrade!

I sat down with Kels to ask her a few questions about life, fashion and about working in Belle Armoire.

You’re fairly new to Belle Armoire. What do you love so far about working here?

I love Belle Armoire! The girls have made such a fun atmosphere here to work in. Everyone I work with are so amazing and the clothes are all so beautiful! It is also a big bonus that we have  Good Eddy at the front of the store for endless delicious milkshakes!

What do you think the best thing about shopping in store is as opposed to shopping online?

Personally, I am more of an in store shopper because items can look very different off a hanger. A lot of the time customers walk out with something completely different to what they imagined, so by going in store and trying the clothes on you are then able to find something that is perfect for your body shape.

What is your favourite day of the week and why?

I love Monday’s and Wednesday’s because they are days I have boot camp. Working out gives me a chance to have some ME time while my partner and daughter have time together at home. But in saying that, I actually have a few favourite days because I also love Sundays which is family day and I get to do fun things with my partner and daughter.

You have an adorable baby girl. Who are you most tempted to buy for when you’re in store, you or her?

Oh, thats easy! Definitely my daughter! My partner always asks me when I arrive home from work “So what have you bought her today?”. I just cant help it, its seriously a bad addiction. As soon as Rock Your Baby arrives in store i get so excited!

If you could choose just one label to wear all day everyday, what would it be?

I absolutely love The fifth Label. It washes amazingly so it’s good to wear around kids. It is also such a great price and you can seriously match their pieces with anything and everything. I definitely recommend this brand to everyone!

What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not in store?

I just love spending quality time with my daughter. Which usually consists of ABC kids and taking a lot of photos of her. I’m just a tad obsessed..

Ripped denim or not?

I don’t do ripped denim.. I’m so jealous of the people that can pull ripped denim off though!

What’s your hot tip on styling an outfit?

My tip for styling an outfit would be to simply dress for your body shape and also wear the correct undergarments. If you choose a well fitted bra and underwear your clothes will sit nicer on your body and will make you feel not only comfortable but also confident in what you are wearing.

Who is your favourite artist?

I absolutely love Carrie Underwood. I feel that her lyrics in her music bring me happiness and warmth. Plus Carrie is also a strong woman who seems to juggle between being in the country music industry and also a mum.

What’s your ultimate dream job?

I would love to be able to invest in properties and renovate run down houses with my partner.  And then eventually sell for a larger profit hopefully! My goal is to retire in my mid to late 40’s. So I should probably get started now?!

Kels wears The Fifth Label The Seeker Dress in Grey Marle & Dept. Of Finery Dixie White Leopard Lace Ups.