Australian Blogger Series – Stylendipity

Australian Blogger Series – Stylendipity

It’s no secret we LOVE Instagram and stalk numerous fashion bloggers.  It’s so fun to get lost in their world and draw inspiration from their individual styles.  We got to thinking and thought why not share with you some of these gorgeous women, so welcome to the first of our Australian Blogger Series! Let us introduce you to Katherine Saab AKA Stylendipity.

Hailing from Adelaide with a following of 13.7k on Instagram, Katherine manages to juggle fashion blogging, a career as a Lawyer and also a mum of two lovely little humans. From her social feed to her blog, Katherine seems effortlessly gorgeous hopping to and from cities, snapping inspiring images and sharing with us fashion tips and her experiences.

I chatted to Katherine about fashion, what inspires her and her secret to keeping on top of everything in the busy world of fashion blogging.

Katherine wears We are Kindred Blossom Button Back Maxi.

How do you manage being a blogger, a lawyer and a mum of two?

Lots of coffee! Seriously though, time management is crucial. The kids (who are 7 and 5) have an activity on most nights, whether it be sport, tutoring or an instrument so we are plugged into a weekly schedule that even includes travel time and play time. I am fortunate that my children are extremely well-behaved and cooperative. Sometimes homework has to be completed in the car! I shoot on the days I’m not working at my legal job and I produce blog content late at night when everyone is asleep (It’s now 1am). And coffee.

Has fashion and style always been a part of your life?

I remember always loving clothes from a young age. I would dress-up in my mum’s new clothes before she had the chance to take the tags off. But I was chubby and couldn’t wear the brands I loved. I remember seeing a blouse at age 15 that changed my life. It was fitted and had gorgeous lace-up sleeves. But the shop attendant told me I was “too big” for it. She reduced me to tears. My dad bought the top for me anyway. At that moment, I decided to be a better version of myself and show her that I could rock that top!

Where in Australia would be your favourite city to travel or visit?

When I travel, the key is escapism. Uluru is on my bucket list – I imagine the magic of sipping champagne in the glow of the iconic rock.

Do your kids like being photographed and featured in your blogs?

My answer will surprise you – my daughter dreads it while my son loves the camera. It’s so bizarre. My daughter was offered a commercial campaign and I told her it would require her to take a day off school. She insisted that I take her to school instead. Go figure!

What do you do in your spare time?

What is spare time? Clean my house! And I have a large middle-eastern family, most of which live in the same suburb as I do. We love getting together over coffee and food. It’s a big part of my life.

Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

I’m always getting star-struck! A few years ago, I met Kate Waterhouse at Fashion Week. After chatting for a bit, she asked me to feature in a short segment for her reality show. After we shot, she invited me to an event she was hosting. That was a pinch-me moment because I’ve always admired her style. Since then, I’ve rubbed shoulders with designers, TV personalities and sporting legends at fashion weeks, spring carnivals and other events.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up of a morning?

Snooze my alarm. Peruse Instagram feed. Snooze again. Read the news on my phone. Coffee. Rush like crazy!

What’s your favourite thing about being mum?

I love it all! I really do! Being a mum gives me purpose and joy beyond measure. Their smiles and hugs relieve me on a bad day and their innocence keeps me grounded. They teach me to be the best that I can be so I can raise these little humans to be the best that they can be!

How would you describe your personal style?

My Instagram feed is a honest reflection of my style – polished, feminine, modest and glamorous.

Lastly, what is your go to Australian Label that we happen to stock in our boutique?

I absolutely love the range of brands Belle Armoire stocks. As far as high-end goes, Zimmermann is one of my all-time favourite brands – sophisticated, fun and well-made. I also have a soft spot for Keepsake – a polished brand at an affordable price-point.